Financial Services


Business Banking Solutions

We offer you products, services, resources and expert advice to help ensure that your business excels, because we understand how much of hard work goes into establishing a successful SME business. We review business requirements based on overall performance and their expansion plans. We suggest a bank or institution that is capable of understanding your business model and related industry dynamics with the customer. Effort is made to understand how the business has grown and what plans do the promoters have. The strength of the team is in understanding the needs of the customer and customizing a solution for him. We also add value to the relationship by offering advisory services and financial restructuring solutions to our customers.

Key features
  • Cash Credit / Overdraft
  • Capital Term Loan
  • Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Lease Rent Discount BANK

Facility against Credit Card Receivables

It is a finance option for merchant establishments that use credit card (POS) machines for their daily business transactions. With this product, a merchant with a POS machine can avail either a business loan or an overdraft facility on the basis of the yearly sales that takes place on his credit card POS machine. In today’s competitive business world, you need to grab opportunities which knock on your door without being constrained by lack of access to funds. Definitely this facility shall encourage the merchants and retailers to expand and explore their business.

Key features
  • Flexible combination – loan and over draft
  • Easy repayment option
  • Doorstep services